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Welcome to a full range of .NET-enabled embedded IoT products. These will help you build your next product using .NET. Pick and chose from System on Modules (SoM) and chipsets to single board computers (SBC) and development boards. These products are backed by our engineering and manufacturing services.


Endpoint harnesses the power of .NET 8 and Full Python 3 on a small circuit. The entire .NET ecosystem is available at your fingertips, with additional libraries to support CAN, Analog, NeoPixel, and Signal Processing. Added Python support for great scripting capabilities and extends the useability of Endpoint.


SITCore product family brings .NET C# to circuits, IoT and embedded systems. Code and debug using Microsoft Visual Studio, thanks to the integrated royalty-free TinyCLR OS.

Achieve ultimate security with an entire system running on internal memories. External memories are optional and only used for non-sensitive data, like image buffers.

SITCore vs Endpoint

SITCore and Endpoint platforms complement each other in the .NET C# space. Endpoint uses a multi-process OS with a wide-open-door to possibilities and complexities. SITCore is a tightly controlled commercially-proven system, designed with security and stability in mind.

SITCore is recommended for commercial applications where security and stability are desired. Endpoint adds Python 3 support and uses the full .NET.

Visual Studio
VS Code
C#Full FeaturedLimited (No Generics, 2D arrays, async)
.NETFull .NET 8Subset of .NET
Execution SpeedNative JIT (Fast)Interpreted (Reasonable)
Boot Time+5 secondsMilliseconds
Low power ModesLimitedFull Featured
Network Security
Device Security
IP Protection
Development PhaseExperimentalCommercially Proven

Legacy Products

.NET Micro Framework (NETMF) is the original .NET for embedded systems, running on the GHI Electronics hardware you know and love.

While the NETMF operating system is no longer active, the GHI Electronics NETMF SoMs and SoCs are still in production in accordance with our longevity promise.


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