Endpoint Domino harnesses the power of .NET 8 on a small circuit. The entire .NET ecosystem is available at your fingertips, with additional libraries to support CAN, Analog, NeoPixel, and Signal Processing.

  • 32Bit ARM 650Mhz, 512MB DDR3: Resourceful for embedded applications
  • .NET 8 with remote deploy and debug
  • .NET IoT covering everything: GPIO, I2C, PWM, SPI…
  • Additional libraries: CAN, Analog, Signal Capture, Signal Generate, NeoPixel…
  • Secondary real-time microcontroller for tight signal control
  • About 5 seconds boot time, from plug-in to blink LED

Code, Debug, and Deploy over USB

Step through code and see the results on the hardware in real-time. Remote deploy and debug .NET C# programs right from Microsoft Visual Studio or VS Code.

It is FAST!

Thanks to the great efforts put by Microsoft into .NET, the system runs very fast compared to other embedded boards, especially those running high level languages. Calculating PI produced results 30x faster then SITCore and 400x faster then G120!


Easy prototyping with solderless connectivity to off-the-shelf displays, cameras, USB devices, and 1000s of mikroBus click modules.

Display Ready

The FPC connector allows for connecting various external displays, with optional capacitive touch.

Camera Ready

The 40-pin expansion header is pin compatible, with the off-the-shelf OV5640 5 Megapixel camera board.

2x mikroBUS

2x mikroBUS™ socket standard headers that offers maximum expandability.


Add a Wi-Fi dongle to create a .NET IoT application running on a tiny microcomputer.

A Complete Toolset

The Endpoint platform includes everything needed to work with hardware.

Endpoint Config: This tool provides several ways to configure the hardware’s functionality.

Visual Studio and VS Code extensions: A must-have for modern deploying and debugging experience.

NuGet packages: Specialized libraries to give you an easy access to the hardware.

SITCore vs Endpoint

SITCore and Endpoint platforms complement each other in the .NET C# space. Endpoint uses a multi-process OS with a wide-open-door to possibilities and complexities. SITCore is a tightly controlled commercially-proven system, designed with security and stability in mind.

SITCore is recommended for commercial applications where security and stability are desired.

Visual Studio
VS Code
C#Full FeaturedLimited (No Generics, 2D arrays, async)
Execution SpeedNative JIT (Fast)Interpreted (Reasonable)
Boot Time+5 secondsMilliseconds
Low power ModesLimitedFull Featured
Network Security
Device Security
IP Protection
Development PhaseExperimentalCommercially Proven

Ordering Info

Be among the first developers to get their hands on Endpoint Domino (EP-Domino 24). This limited-edition board contains everything needed to start working with .NET 8 on circuits.

Grab your own and become a test pilot today! What will you create?

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