Free Essential Support

Our dedicated team keeps an eye on the forum to answer your questions quickly, supported by us and by the professional community that make up the majority of the forum. You may also contact us directly for further assistance.

Paid Support

We do the Software and we do the Hardware, while you focus on Your Customer! We are not only the engineering design house, we are your partner. We will help at every stage of design to ensure that your idea comes to life.

Initial Design Study

We’ll start by learning about your concept, capabilities, and the end user of your product to understand the big picture.

Schematic Capture

Once we have your requirements, our hardware engineers will convert the concept into a schematic with the necessary components needed to build your product.

Circuit Board Layout

From the schematic we will design a circuit board to use for initial prototypes as well as production.

Prototype Manufacturing

A few samples are made for initial testing of the hardware and to get the software engineers started. 

Software Development

Most modern IoT and embedded designs contain software. This is where our software engineers help in designing the application.

Product Launch

We also help launch your product. Our expertise in volume manufacturing, testing, and packaging will help you maximize profit.


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