.NET Micro Framework

.NET Micro Framework

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The original .NET for embedded systems. Works as expected on the GHI Electronics hardware you know and love.

Not recommended for new designs, replaced by TinyCLR OS.
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • NETMF 4.3
  • NRND

NETMF history

.NET Micro Framework (NETMF) is a subset of the full .NET Framework. This framework is no longer active — it’s been replaced by the more modern and more secure TinyCLR OS.

Longevity Commitment

While the NETMF operating system is no longer active, the GHI Electronics NETMF SoMs and SoCs are still in production in accordance with our longevity promise. Customers should consider upgrading to the SITCore (Secure IoT Core) product family.


84MHz chipset with 128KB RAM and 68KB RAM.


180MHz chipset with 256KB RAM and 156KB RAM.


120MHz ARM Cortex-M3 SoM with 16MB SDRAM and 4MB FLASH.


400Mhz AT91 ARM9 SoM with 128MB SDRAM and 4MB FLASH plus Ethernet PHY.


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Get Started

DescriptionPart NumberMSRPStatus
G30 SoCG30DB-SM-539$19.95 @100Mature
G80 SoCG80SC-SM-501$24.95 @100 Mature
G120 SoMG120B-SM-373 $44.95 @100 Mature
G120E SoMG120E-SM-532$51.95 @100 Mature
G400S SoMG400S-SM-480$69.95 @100 Mature
G400D SoMG400D-SM-400$77.95 @100 Mature

Visit the technical documentation website for all available technical resources and docs, and explore the other channels on the support page.


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