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As engineers we understand the vital importance of a quality education. We have witnessed first hand the increased opportunity we were afforded because of our own educations.

We are passionate about providing the same educational opportunities to students so they are most likely to find a fulfilling career they are passionate about. As part of this pursuit, we created the BrainPad to provide an intuitive STEM/STEAM learning experience for students of all ages.

By providing students with interactive engagement (minds-on and hands-on) in the classroom, the BrainPad increases student interest in learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics (STEAM).

Here are a few examples of organizations that we have worked with:

  • Midtown Mosaic Church LMTLESS summer program
  • MACUL CS Summit & Student Technology Showcase at the Capitol
  • National Association of Manufacturers’ Manufacturing day
  • Maker Faire
  • Square One STEM educational network
  • Roseville High School REST program
  • Code313
  • Oakland Schools STEM Summer Camp
  • Google coding event from 2017
  • Microsoft’s DigiGirlz program

As part of our continued support of open source hardware and software, GHI Electronics has been a proud design and manufacturing partner of the nonprofit Foundation since 2016. With a shared passion for education and simplifying the process of building electronics products, GHI Electronics and participate in brain-storming and roadmap discussions that play a role in the continued growth of the family of products.

GHI Electronics Field Day

A structured tour day where we open our doors to teachers and students to learn about Robotics concepts, Game development and Electronic circuits. This is an example video of one the tours we have done.


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