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Founded in 2003, GHI Electronics has been providing consulting, manufacturing, and drop-in solutions that reduce risk, cost, and complexity. Backed by these services, we have become a global leader in electronics engineering and manufacturing. As we move into the future, we plan on continuing our cutting-edge innovation and look forward to providing our customers with exceptional products and services. Success and growth are part of our company structure. Our highly trained staff and internal organization allow us to handle orders of any size, from prototypes to many thousands of units.

Our Mission Statement

To enrich customer capabilities by providing the latest leading edge technologies, to create and deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that shorten time-to-market.

Engineering β˜… USA β˜… Production

We are proud to say that our software and hardware engineering, circuit board assembly, and product support are all done locally in our facility in Michigan, USA. Our cutting edge production line allows us to compete with global pricing while providing unsurpassed quality.

Years of Innovation βœ”


  • Introduced SITCore (Secure IoT Core) Chipsets and Modules to complement.
  • Refresh FEZ product line with all new SITCore SBC.


  • Introduced TinyCLR 2.0, a world-class secure .NET IoT operating system.


  • Released the ultra low-cost FEZ for the maker and educational markets.
  • Introduced the UC5550 and UC2550 modules based on our Universal Compute Module standard.
  • Released TinyCLR OS that brings .NET to embedded devices.


  • Invented a universal compute module standard.
  • Began work on TinyCLR OS, a modern, portable, and extendable .NET embedded operating system.


  • Entered into a partnership with the Beagleboard.Org Foundation to become an official manufacturer.
  • Became a design and manufacturing launch partner for the BeagleBone Black Wireless.


  • Introduced the G30 and G80 SoCs (System-on-Chip), the worlds smallest and low cost .NET Micro Framework chipset on the market.


  • Introduced ALFAT-2 FAT file system chipset update with SD-Reader mode. Our file system offerings continue to be the most advanced FAT file system chipset available.


  • Introduced G400-D and G400-S SoMs, the most advanced NETMF products on the market.


  • ALFAT FAT file system chipset is updated with a modern processor, built-in USB Host and a Long Filename (LFN) license from Microsoft. ALFAT reaches speeds of 4,000 KB per second to be one of the fastest file system solutions on the market.
  • Introduced FEZ Hydra, the first 100% Open-Source Hardware (OSHW) 200 Mhz .NET Gadgeteer mainboard.
  • Introduced G120 SoM, a new full-featured, low cost, NETMF module.


  • Partnered with Microsoft on a new technology called .NET Gadgeteer, standardizing the way mainboards and modules connect.
  • Introduced FEZ Spider, the first .NET Gadgeteer mainboard.


  • Introduced the .NET Micro Framework based FEZ (Freakin’ Easy) product line, targeted for makers and educators.


  • Introduced EMX and ChipworkX SoMs running .NET Micro Framework, with more advanced features like SQLite.


  • Signed a partnership with Microsoft for developing .NET Micro Framework devices.
  • Introduced the Embedded Master SoM, the first .NET Micro Framework device with FAT File System and USB Host support.


  • Introduced uALFAT, the first FAT File System chipset with Microsoft-patented Long File Name (LFN) technology and a Microsoft license for commercial use.


  • Introduced ALFATxp, the first FAT File System chipset with JAVA VM.


  • Introduced USBwiz, the first FAT File System chipset with USB Mass Storage support.


  • ALFAT was upgraded to be the first FAT chipset with over 50 KB per second file access speed.


  • Introduced ALFAT, the first FAT File System chipset on the market. The chipset handled files on SD, MMC, and CF cards using serial commands over SPI and UART.

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