System on Modules

Production-Ready IoT SoMs

  • SCM20260D
  • SCM20260N
  • SCM20260E
  • SCM20100E


Our System on Modules (SoM) takes integration to the next level. With built in crystals, networking interface, and memories, you only need to provide power and a few connections to build modern, secure, IoT products.

All SoMs are based on the SC20260B chipset with added external memories.

  • Based on SC20260 and SC20100.
  • 480Mhz
  • -40℃ to +85℃ industrial temperature range.

Modern Software

TinyCLR OS is a modern, managed operating system that brings .NET to embedded devices. It offers garbage collection, threading, and full debugging which allows you to step through code and inspect variables over USB. No costly debugging tools are necessary.

Secure Core Chipsets

Achieve ultimate security with an entire system running on internal memories. External memories are optional and only used for nonsensitive data, like image buffers. All that is achieved trough the SITCore Chipsets.

Module Options


ModuleSCM20100E SCM20260N SCM20260ESCM20260D
External SDRAMNone32 MByte32 MByte32 Mbyte
External FlashNone16 Mbyte16 Mbyte16 Mbyte
ChipsetSC20100BSC202060B SC202060B SC202060B
Speed480Mhz480MHz 480MHz 480MHz
USB Host1111
USB Client1111
UART5(2 with handshaking)7 (4 with handshaking)8 (4 with handshaking)8 (4 with handshaking)
EthernetBuilt in via SPIBuilt inBuilt in
Form Factor Surface MountSurface MountSurface MountSO-DIMM
Temperature Range -40℃ to +85℃ -40℃ to +85℃ -40℃ to +85℃ -40℃ to +85℃

Note: As many pins share peripherals, not all peripherals will be available. HDMI requires additional circuitry.

Single Board Computer

Several of the offered SBCs have castellated holes (edge pads), just like the SMT SoM options. Consider the SBCs when researching SoM options, especially for the SC13048 Chipset.

Development Boards

Get started in minutes with a SITCore development board. Our development boards are great for evaluation, prototyping, and production of short run products.

Ordering Info

DescriptionPart NumberMSRPStatus
SITCore SCM20260D SoMSCM-20260D-C$59.95 @100Active
SITCore SCM20260E SoMSCM-20260E-B $52.95 @100Active
SITCore SCM20260N SoMSCM-20260N-C $46.95 @100Active
SITCore SCM20100E SoMSCM-20100E-B$34.95 @100Active

Technical Resources

SITCore System on Chip Docs
SITCore System on Modules Docs
TinyCLR OS Docs

Further assistance? We have you covered.


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