Single Board Computers

SITCore Single Board Computers

  • FEZ portal
  • FEZ feather
  • FEZ Bit
  • FEZ stick
  • FEZ Duino
  • FEZFlea


.NET C# commercial-grade boards for prototypes and low volume production. Use Microsoft Visual Studio to control hardware with ease, from simple LEDs and Displays to complex IoT securely connected applications.

  • FEZ (Fast and Easy!).
  • .NET C# using Visual Studio.
  • Full debugging capabilities.
  • USB Cable plug-and-code.
  • IoT Ready with built in WiFi.
  • User LEDs/Buttons.
  • SD card.
  • USB Host.

Maker Friendly Formfactors

The SBC category of boards is designed to be compatible with the most commonly used maker boards on the market.

This compatibility allows for quicker prototyping by utilizing the thousands of available accessories.

Using SBC as a SoM

Several of the offered SBCs have castellated holes (edge pads), just like the SMT SoM options. Consider the SBCs when researching SoM options, especially for the SC13048 Chipset.

SC20xxx Board Options

  • FEZPortal-Front
  • FEZPorta-Backl
  • FEZPortal-34

FEZ Portal

  • FEZBit
  • FEZBit-Back
  • FEZBit-34


  • FEZStick-Front
  • FEZStick-Back
  • FEZStick-34
  • FEZStick-BreadBoard
  • FEZStick-Click

FEZ Stick

  • FEZFeather-Front
  • FEZFeather-Back
  • FEZFeather-34

FEZ Feather

  • FEZDuino-Front
  • FEZDuino-Back
  • FEZDuino-34

FEZ Duino

SC13xxx Board Options

  • FEZFleaSlider1
  • FEZ_FLEA_3-4Front copy
  • FEZFleaSlider2
  • flea

FEZ Flea

  • FEZPicoSlider1
  • FEZ-PICO-3-4Front
  • FEZPicoSlider2

FEZ Pico


BoardFEZ FleaFEZ PicoFEZ FeatherFEZ StickFEZ BitFEZ DuinoFEZ Portal
Form FactorSeeeduino XiaoRaspberry Pi
Adafruit FeatherNoneBBC micro:bitArduino UnoNone
Display 1.8″
4.3″ Touch
Micro SD
User LED
User Buttons
USB Client
USB Host Connector
External Flash
LiPo Charger
Power Barrel

The SITCore Family

The SITCore product family is designed from the ground up to beautifully pair up with TinyCLR OS.

SITCore options include Chipsets, Modules (SoM) and single board computers (SBC).

Ordering Info

DescriptionPart NumberMSRPStatus
SITCore FEZ Flea SBCSCC-FFLEA-B$14.95Active
SITCore FEZ Pico SBCSCC-FPICO-D$19.95Active
SITCore FEZ Stick SBCSCC-FSTK-B$24.95Active
SITCore FEZ Feather SBCSCC-FTHR-B$39.95Active
SITCore FEZ Bit SBCSCC-FBIT-B$49.95Active
SITCore FEZ Duino SBCSCC-FDNO-B$49.95Active
SITCore FEZ Portal SBCSCC-FPRTL-C$124.95Active

Technical Resources

Getting Started
SITCore FEZ SBC Technical Docs
TinyCLR OS Docs (C# for hardware)

Further assistance? We have you covered.

The History of FEZ!

FEZ stands for Fast an Easy! It is our take on bridging quality commercial products to the simplicity of maker/educational boards.

Did you know that FEZ has been around for a very long time?


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