Single Board Computers

Single Board Computers

  • FEZ portal
  • FEZ feather
  • FEZ Bit
  • FEZ stick
  • FEZ Duino


We understand the need for prototypes and low volume production. These products are made to live inside your low-volume products and prototypes. From Blinking LEDs, and Displays to controlling IOs and peripherals.

  • FEZ (Fast and Easy!).
  • USB Cable plug-and-code.
  • IoT Ready with built in WiFi.
  • Buttons for user and software update.
  • User LEDs.
  • SD card.
  • USB Host.

Board Options

  • FEZPortal-Front
  • FEZPorta-Backl
  • FEZPortal-34

FEZ Portal

  • FEZBit
  • FEZBit-Back
  • FEZBit-34


  • FEZStick-Front
  • FEZStick-Back
  • FEZStick-34
  • FEZStick-BreadBoard
  • FEZStick-Click

FEZ Stick

  • FEZFeather-Front
  • FEZFeather-Back
  • FEZFeather-34

FEZ Feather

  • FEZDuino-Front
  • FEZDuino-Back
  • FEZDuino-34

FEZ Duino


BoardFEZ PortalFEZ FeatherFEZ StickFEZ BitFEZ Duino
Display4.3″ 480×272
Cap. Touch
1.8″ 160×128
Micro SD
User LED
User Buttons
USB Client
USB Host Connector
External Flash
LiPo Charger
Power Barrel

Modern Software

TinyCLR OS is a modern, managed operating system that brings .NET to embedded devices. It offers garbage collection, threading, and full debugging which allows you to step through code and inspect variables. No costly debugging tools are necessary.

The History of FEZ!

FEZ stands for Fast an Easy! It is our take on bridging quality commercial products to the simplicity of maker needs. The same quality product for your commercial application and for education/maker projects.

Did you know that FEZ has been around for a very long time?

Ordering Info

DescriptionPart NumberMSRPStatus
SITCore FEZ Feather SBCSCC-FTHR-B$39.95Active
SITCore FEZ Stick SBCSCC-FSTK-B$24.95Active
SITCore FEZ Bit SBCSCC-FBIT-B$49.95Active
SITCore FEZ Duino SBCSCC-FDNO-B$49.95Active
SITCore FEZ Portal SBCSCC-FPRTL-C$124.95Active

Technical Resources

TinyCLR OS Docs

Further assistance? We have you covered.


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