SITCore Experiment

Are you a C# software developer who has always wanted to experiment with IoT? Fear not! Now is your chance with our SITCore Experimenter Kit, containing all you need to familiarize yourself with hardware while using .NET C#, right through Microsoft Visual Studio!

What is SITCore?

SITCore product family brings .NET C# to circuits, IoT and embedded systems.

The product family includes a variety of chipsets, modules, and single board computers.

No Experience Necessary!

Start programming immediately on the actual IoT hardware. The SITCore Experimenter Kit contains a SITCore Single Board Computer (SBC) called “FEZ Bit”, a BrainClip accessory pack, and BrainBot robot.

The SITCore FEZ Bit is the “brain” of the projects you build. Deploy and debug from Microsoft Visual Studio simply using the included USB cable.

The BrainClip accessory pack includes multiple circuit modules that connect to the FEZ Bit using the included alligator clip wires. The variety of circuit modules help demonstrate the use of multiple technologies, such a GPIO, ADC, PMW, signal decoders and more.

With minimal assembly, understand the basics of AI with the BrainBot robot.

We’ll guide you!

The C# for IoT and Robotics ebook goes hand-in-hand with the SITCore Experimenter Kit, providing step-by-step instructions to get you started and keep you on the path to understanding hardware.

Kit Content

  • FEZ Bit (with WiFi, color display, uSD)
  • BrainBot Robot Assembly
  • Rechargeable battery for Robot
  • Color LED light
  • Color LED ring with 8x individually controllable lights
  • Distance sensor
  • Buzzer speaker
  • Red button
  • Green button
  • Sound sensor
  • Analog rocker module
  • Motion detector
  • Infrared receiver
  • Infrared remote control (battery included)
  • 10x alligator clip wires
  • Reusable case
  • USB Cables

Ordering Info

DescriptionPart NumberMSRPStatus
SITCore Experimenter KitSCK-BITBP22-A$120.00Active


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