Conflict Free Policy

GHI Electronics supports worldwide concerns that metals mined in conflict areas may be making their way into the electronics supply chain. GHI Electronics works with its suppliers to ensure that they do not knowingly obtain Gold, Columbite-Tantalum, Wolframite or Cassiterite from conflict areas. GHI Electronics is continually surveying our supply chain regarding sourcing and procurement of Gold, Columbite-Tantalum, Wolframite and Cassiterite as well with their derivatives Tin, Tungsten, and Tantalum. While GHI Electronics makes every effort to abstain from use of these conflict minerals, due to traceability issues, GHI Electronics cannot verify with 100% certainty that our supply chain is Conflict Free until better oversight in the conflict regions and a more transparent supply chain may be established.

CMRT 6.31 Document


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