We’ve been hard at work creating something new, exciting, and revolutionary. 
Imagine running full .NET 8 on your hardware device. This isn’t a scaled down version of .NET, this is the FULL blown .NET 8. You can use any NUGET library available and run it on Endpoint. Use Visual Studio or VS Code to debug and deploy, while maintaining the full developer experience. 

We’ve also expanded it to support CAN, SPI, I2C, PWM, and Graphics natively. Pin control with PWM, ADC, and GPIO. An internal 2nd Core handles signal capture and generation, quickly and accurately. This all happens from within a world-class IDE, using the newly released Microsoft .NET 8.

Endpoint Hardware Options

Just like all of GHI Electronics’ hardware we offer an option to fit every commercial need from surface mount, DIMM, and the perfect prototyping board as well. 

Endpoint doesn’t sacrifice speed to deliver, with mind numbing test speeds.

  • 30X faster than SITCore
  • 400X faster than G120

Before we release this ground breaking technology on the world, we need some of you .NET experts to try and break what we’ve created. Are you up for the challenge? We are!