How would SITCore help with my IoT design?

Safe and secure IoT (Internet of Things) really shines on SITCore devices. You will have a great deal of resources, while running on low-cost, low-power hardware. TinyCLR OS includes sockets for network connection, TLS commercial-grade security, and high-level services like HTTP and MQTT.

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Can we use Linux or a Mac for development?

In theory, any .NET compiler can be used; however, we are focused on using one of the best and most common development environments, Microsoft’s Visual Studio, today. Using a Windows machine is required.

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What about options for education?

Students should learn something they will eventually use professionally. Learning C# while using hardware is more engaging and gives the user instant gratification of their work. The SITCore Experimenter Kit is ideal for new learners, and it is also perfect for C# professional developers who are still hardware novices.

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I am still not sure! Why use SITCore?

SITCore is like everything else, a tool to help in achieving goals. Not every tool is good for every job, but SITCore covers a wide range and hits a sweet spot between a very low-level, difficult-to-develop system and a large bulky operating system. SITCore will reduce development time with its modern features, running on a simple and economical low-power system. We believe SITCore’s TinyCLR OS is the most rounded tiny operating system that can run on small microcontrollers.

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I am a manager, why should we use SITCore on our products?

With SITCore, any C# PC/mobile developer can jump in and start coding for hardware. This increases productivity and decreases the need for specialized developers. Also, SITCore is a proven technology that is used by many commercial companies in multiple industries. The provided USA-based support comes directly from the engineers behind SITCore and its TinyCLR OS.

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