Is the managed code compiled? Is it slow?

Yes, the managed code is compiled to CIL (Common Intermediate Language). On larger systems, the compiled CIL instructions are then compiled to machine code. TinyCLR OS interprets the CIL instructions on the hardware. It is important to remember that while the interpreted code runs slower, the majority of TinyCLR OS is not interpreted. For example, when executing a line to write a string to a file, a few CIL instructions will be executed to pass that string to native file…

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What do you mean by managed code?

A modern programming language such as C# is managed. Meaning there is a system in the back-end to help in managing resources. For example, objects are automatically created when needed, and then disposed once no longer in use. The managed system also checks for proper boundaries when using arrays. Memory leaks and attempted access of out of boundary arrays are typically not a concern in a managed system.

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What are the supported languages?

Theoretically any .NET language that is compiled to CIL (Common Intermediate Language) can run on TinyCLR OS. Today however, we only support C#. Most language features are supported. The limitations page on docs has more details.

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What is TinyCLR OS?

It is an environment where compiled managed code can be executed on a small embedded system. The development experience is similar to that found on full blown operating systems, like Linux and Windows; however, TinyCLR OS runs on smaller systems that can’t run full blown operating systems.

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