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TinyCLR OS is a modern, managed operating system that brings .NET to embedded devices. It offers garbage collection, threading, and full debugging which allows you to step through code and inspect variables over USB. No costly debugging tools are necessary.

The .NET EcoSystem

.NET developers will find that TinyCLR OS is an easy way to program embedded devices. For developers not familiar with .NET, they will find that TinyCLR is easy to use while being complete and versatile.

Here are just a few of the features supported by TinyCLR OS running on SITCore hardware:

  • Threading.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Events.
  • Peripheral drivers such as Serial (UART), SPI, I2C, Ethernet, and CAN.
  • Graphics with font, JPEG, and GIF support.
  • Secure Wireless Networking.

NuGet is a free service for hosting libraries in the cloud. TinyCLR OS makes extensive use of this service in managing libraries and revisions.

Industry Leading Development Environment

Microsoft’s Visual Studio is used by millions of developers around the world to develop applications for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Visual Studio is one of the best, if not the best, integrated development environments available — and you can get the Community Edition for free! The TinyCLR OS extension plugs right into Visual Studio allowing for easy embedded development with minimal setup time. Both the paid and free editions of Visual Studio will work with TinyCLR OS with no limitations or restrictions.


The included commercial-grade libraries are provided royalty-free for commercial use and are regularly maintained and well supported.

Cloud Services

Commercial cloud support right out-of-the-box. TinyCLR OS supports all the major cloud services.

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud

Adafruit IO

If This Than That


Embedded developers typically spend most of their time fiddling with expensive JTAGs and buggy software tools. They then spend even more time importing libraries to handle simple peripherals. TinyCLR OS will turn your frustration into joy with its quick and easy setup, intuitive development environment, and full featured USB debugging.

Using the same programming language and IDE for both embedded devices and desktop applications further simplifies your life, giving you more time to concentrate on solutions rather than learning new programming languages, debugging tools, and development environments.

Hardware Options

The SITCore product family is designed from the ground up to beautifully pair with TinyCLR OS. We offer complete development boards to get you up and running quickly, SoMs to simplify the design of your own circuit boards, and chipsets for higher volume or more specialized applications.

Find everything you need to get started using TinyCLR OS immediately.


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