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Evaluation, Prototyping, Short Run Production

  • SC20260D
  • SC20100chip
  • SC20100


SITCore Development Boards help fulfill our mission to reduce the cost and time to market of embedded product development. Start programming in minutes without designing or building hardware — all while using free development tools!

  • Display.
  • Expansion Header.
  • Click Module Connectors.
  • Ethernet.
  • CAN Transceiver.
  • Buzzer.
  • Optional 7 V to 12 V Power Input.
  • And More. . .

Board Options

SCM20260D Dev
SC20100S Dev


Board SCM20260D Dev SC20100S Dev
ChipsetSC20260B on plug in SoMSC20100S soldered to board
Display4.3″ 480×272 Touch1.8″ 160×128
40 Pin Socket Headers21
Click Connectors22
USB Host
USB Client
USB Virtual Com Port
Ethernet Connector
SD Card Slot
Camera Connector
LEDs2 User, 1 Power, 2 VCom2 User, 1 Power, 2 VCom
CAN Transceiver
Supercap Power for RTC
Barrel Power Jack

Modern Software

TinyCLR OS is a modern, managed operating system that brings .NET to embedded devices. It offers garbage collection, threading, and full debugging which allows you to step through code and inspect variables over USB. No costly debugging tools are necessary.

Ordering Info

DescriptionPart NumberMSRPStatus
SITCore SCM20260D Dev BoardSCD- 20260D-C$199.95Active
SITCore SC20100S Dev BoardSCD-20100S-C$99.95Active

Technical Resources

SITCore Development Board Docs
TinyCLR OS Docs

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