FEZ (Fast and Easy!)



FEZ (Fast and Easy) is an advanced user friendly Arduino-pinout compatible board. The WiFi version is IoT-ready with complete and secure networking feature set. This is not just another maker-board, the combination of its low-cost, beefy 32 bit processor, and several programming options, it is the rule-them-all board.

  • STM32F401RET6
  • 512 KByte flash
  • 64 KByte SRAM
  • 20 IOs
  • 6 PWM
  • High level features

The Rule Them All Board

FEZ is a powerful, user friendly, maker focused IoT board. This ultra low-cost is not just another maker-board, the combination of its low-cost, beefy 32bit processor, Secure Wifi option, and the long list of supported software options, it is the rule-them-all board.

Flexible Software Options

FEZ works with several third party tools, like Arduino®, mbed®, MicroPython, Keil, GCC, FreeRTOS. The very popular STM32F401 microcontroller utilized on FEZ opens the door to almost every single maker and commercial platform. It is even fully supported with our TinyCLR OS.

Flexible Software Options

TinyCLR OS, for the .NET Developers

FEZ is completely supported to work with Visual Studio and be programmed in .NET, C# and Visual Basic. Full debugging capabilities (pause, step, inspect variables…) are standard with TinyCLR OS. All that magically works over a USB cable. No need to add any additional hardware.

Microsoft .Net

Arduino-pin Compatible

TinyCLR OS - Hardware Options

The footprint and pinout of FEZ is made to be Arduino Compatible. This allows for the use of a wide range of plug-and-play accessories onto the FEZ.


With thousands of sensors and control modules that can be used with any Arduino-pinout compatible board such as the FEZ. We have hand-picked a few accessories available from companies supporting the maker communities.




A 1.8” color display with a joystick and a micro SD connector.




A shield allowing click board to be used with Arduino-pinout compatible boards.




A battery powered sumo robot with reflective sensors, an accelerometer and a gyro.



Grove Kit

A kit with several Grove modules and a host shield.




A kit containing Motor controller shield with gearboxes and wheels.

Internet of Things (IoT) Ready


FEZ comes with optional built in WiFi.

Of course, we didn't just include the module. TinyCLR OS includes the necessary drivers to make secure WiFi connections available through a .NET-compatible interface.

The History of FEZ!

Did you know that FEZ has been around for a very long time?

Here Is Some History

Lowest Cost at the Highest Expectations

Retail Packaging

Backed by GHI Electronics' community-engagement program, FEZ sets expectations high while keeping the price tag under $10 for non-WIFI and under $25 for the WIFI version.

Product Lifecycle

Product Status Release Date
Active April, 2018

Want to learn more about our Long-Term product guarantee please refer to our longevity promise.

Longevity Promise


Developer resources can be found on our documentation website.


Software Options

FEZ is officially supported by our TinyCLR OS It can also be programmed with other unsuppported software options.

Place Order

Part NumberDescriptionMSRP
FEZT18-NSTM32F401RET6, 512 KByte flash, 64 KByte SRAM, 20 IOs, 6 PWM $9.95 per unit
FEZT18-WSTM32F401RET6, 512 KByte flash, 64 KByte SRAM, 20 IOs, 6 PWM, SPWF04SA Wi-Fi $24.95 per unit