File System… and much more!

GHI Electronics has led the way for near 20 years in providing file system chipsets. Back when we introduced chipsets to access files on USB memory drives it was near a miracle, on USBwiz chipsets! We even were the only company that offered Microsoft licensed long file name (LFN) support.

However, technology changes over time and USB Host is now built in every decent micro. Libraries are provided for USB host and file system. This still requires engineers to have a level of understanding and they need to maintain the software.

We are still global the leaders in providing chipsets that help you in getting products out the door quickly. So what does GHI Electronics offer as a replacement for those file system chipsets? The answer is SITCore chipsets combined with our TinyCLR OS. This combo gives you file system plus a thousand other features! Those programmable chipsets can be configured to do about anything, in a commercial-grade environment.

SITCore and TinyCLR OS are so powerful that you can even simulate ALFAT and uALFAT on these chips! We provide the code to get you started. So, if you do not want to take advantage of the features and you just want a “File System Chipset”, load the project we provide onto SITCore chipset and you have yourself an ALFAT-ish chipset. The code is found under Applications=>FileSystem on our Samples code repo.