Hardware Control

Pin Level Control


Up to xxx general purpose I/O pins – enough for the most demanding applications.

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Over xx PWM pins including two for advanced three phase motor control. Maximum PWM frequency of xx kHz at 8 bits.

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Analog In

Xx xx bit A/D converters supporting a sampling rate of up to xxx xHz.

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Analog Out

In addition to PWM, x DAC converters with x bit resolution.

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Signal Control

TinyCLR OS provides signal generation, signal capture, and pulse feedback, so you can easily generate and interrupt signals without the need for native code.

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Data Buses


A synchronous serial communication protocol widely used in embedded devices. TinyCLR OS devices are always the master on SPI buses.

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Another very popular synchronous serial communication protocol. I2C uses fewer wires than SPI, but it’s not as fast.

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Serial data ports, called UARTs, transfer data between devices using two pins: TXD (transmit data) and RXD (receive data). This is the most widely used asynchronous serial protocol.

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TinyCLR OS provides full support for the creation of both host and client USB devices.

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Controller Area Network (CAN) bus is a two wire serial communication protocol. Widely used in the automotive field, CAN can also be found in avionics, hospitals, assembly lines, and even some bicycles and prosthetic limbs.

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1-Wire is a device communications bus system that provides low-speed data, signaling, and power over a single conductor.

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