Core Features

Productivity Enhancements


Easy debugging from within Visual Studio over USB or serial. Set breakpoints, step through code, and examine variables without the need for specialized hardware or software.

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Memory Management

Automatic garbage collection makes memory management a thing of the past. Garbage collection also reduces or eliminates some types of bugs, further improving overall device security.

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Unmanaged Heap

A large amount of memory available on boards with external SDRAM, like our SM20260D Dev Board. This memory is used by the TinyCLR OS graphics system, and can also be used for your own unmanaged buffers without sacrificing the processor’s internal memory.

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NuGet Based Libraries

All libraries are hosted in the cloud using the industry standard NuGet format. Not only is it easy to install and upgrade libraries, it is also easy to create and publish libraries of your own.

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Mass Production Tools

TinyCLR Config tools speeds up the programming of your devices prior to sale. Optimized for both large and small production runs, and capable of automatically setting the desired read protection of your code.

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Device Info

Dynamically configure your system through these services that acquire information from the device, such as Unique ID, debug interface, hardware type and version.

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Modern OS Features


TinyCLR OS supports multiple concurrent threads, and includes modern .NET features supporting thread synchronization.

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Just like .NET for the desktop, TinyCLR OS supports reflection, allowing you to examine and modify object attributes.

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Collections in TinyCLR OS provide a flexible way to work with groups of objects. Unlike arrays, the group of objects you work with can grow and shrink dynamically as the needs of the application change.

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Like .NET, TinyCLR OS provides methods of serializing and deserializing data without the need for writing low-level code. We now support not only binary serialization, but .JSON and .XML as well!

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Encoding & Decoding

TinyCLR OS provides robust methods for encoding and decoding strings quickly and efficiently, including the ability to handle an entire string at one time.

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Application Domain

Want to dynamically load code at runtime? Our support of Application Domain allows you to load assemblies from any FileStream including USB flash drives and SD cards!

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Marshal is a static class that provides two functions ReadInt32 to read, and WriteInt32 to write and modify some special peripheral’s registers.

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The RegEx class can be used to quickly parse large amounts of text to find specific character patterns; to extract, edit, replace, or delete text substrings.

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Stream provides a common way to transfer data through memory, network or file.

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