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Networking Core

Full support for the most widely used Application Layer networking protocols, including TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, DHCP.

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Full support for the two most popular Transport Layer protocols.

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A lightweight messaging protocol for small sensors and mobile devices.

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The ruling Data Link Layer protocol.

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TLS 1.2

TinyCLR OS supports commercial grade TLS, providing unparalleled privacy and performance compared to previous versions of TLS and non-secure HTTP.

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Our support for WiFi was conceived from the start with security as a top priority. Not only do we support end to end encryption of Internet data, but we’ve made it difficult to intercept communication between the microcontroller and the WiFi hardware as well.

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For hard-wired IoT devices, TinyCLR OS supports Ethernet with consideration of data security placed first and foremost.

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As both the hardware and data rates for cellular access by IoT devices have become more affordable, the number of cellular connected IoT devices has exploded. TinyCLR OS provides secure support for cellular modems that support PPP.

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Cloud Support


In an effort to provide all the tools needed to make a secure IoT device, TinyCLR OS supports cloud services including support for Microsoft Azure. Need scalable data visualization for a large number of devices? Give Azure a try!

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Amazon Web Services, like other cloud providers, can be used to increase the processing power of your IoT device. Your device can now even provide state-of-the-art artificial intelligence!

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Google is another name on a growing list of companies providing cloud support for IoT devices. Need to analyze big data from a large number of IoT devices? Google cloud might be the answer!

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A simple yet powerful way of taking action based on input from other web services or IoT devices. IFTTT is simple and free!

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Adafruit IO

Adafruit IO is a cloud service primarily aimed at the maker market. While Adafruit IO is more limited than the major players in cloud services, it is very easy to use and there’s a free option.

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