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You’re DUE from some physical computing!

Accessing hardware was never easier, thanks to DUE. Developer can now read sensors and control motors right from their favorite programming languages.

DUE is a Dynamic, Universal, and Extensible platform that links devices to the physical world. These devices can be desktops, laptops, phones, or even a Raspberry PI. Developers have the option to use any modern operating system and use the programming language of their choice.

Code in the language you choose!

Developers have the choice to use any development environment and IDE they choose.  Additionally, any modern operating system or language can be used. Some languages are supported out-of-the-box and others can be added easily.

Start Immediately using the DUE Console!

DUE Scripts run internally on any DUE-enabled hardware. This allows the device to run standalone. The on-line DUE Console lets developers start experimenting with the physical world in minutes…no installation is necessary!

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