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Self-Service Kiosks

Handheld Devices

Fleet Diagnostics

Machine Montoring

Plant & Warehouse Management

Parking & Traffic Systems

.NET Hardware Design Experts
USA based and at your service


Being the world leader of .NET on circuits, we have the experience to help you bring your product to life

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Our USA based manufacturing produces electronic circuits, supporting our products and customer’s custom designs.

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Compute Modules

These commercial modules include the core .NET on hardware out-of-the-box, and ready to use

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Thousands of commercial customers rely on our products availability in industries around the world

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Why .NET for Hardware?


Take advantage of the .NET ecosystem, but this time on your IoT hardware design


Reach into the hardware by using your existing .NET knowledge.

Professional Debugging

Debug and troubleshoot circuits, just like you would on a PC, using Visual Studio

Time to market

Cross-use code between circuits and other platforms, from phones apps to websites

Latest Press Releases

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  • 4i Platform Industrial IoT
    4iPlatform, is a leader in industrial IoT and automation solutions for various environments. GHI Electronics is proud to be one of the suppliers they trusts in their products.
  • Endpoint now support Python 3.10
    While Endpoint’s focus has been .NET 8. For Python lovers out there, we’ve decided to add FULL Python to the latest Endpoint release.
  • Endpoint Release v0.1.2
    The release of Endpoint v0.1.2 brings some new features include support for OpenCV.
  • Start Coding Circuits with .NET 8 Today!
    We are thrilled to announce the release of Endpoint Domino, a circuit allowing developers to take advantage of the FULL .NET 8 framework on hardware.

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