SITCore compute modules let you build secure IoT .NET C# products, powered by TinyCLR OS. Take advantage of the many built in features, including Data Security.

Security is one of the main foundations of TinyCLR OS and the SITCore product line.

Protecting the data inside your product can be just as important as protecting the intellectual property itself.

Most embedded systems send raw data out of the chip that is only encrypted when it reaches the network interface. This presents an opportunity for unscrupulous users to intercept that data .

With SITCore and TinyCLR OS all complex TLS and cryptography is handled inside the chip, making it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to access the data.

Sit Core products keep sensitive data in the internal memory.

Additionally, The Secure Storage feature provides a way to save keys and certificates in internal flash memory.

This is just a highlight of the many included features designed to help you build small secure devices. SITCore increases productivity and shortens time to market.

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