GHI Electronics and BrainPad today offer a full-fledged coding platform that includes .NET C# and Python.

For years, GHI Electronics’ products have been used in educational sectors thanks to TinyCLR OS that brings a full .NET C# Visual Studio experience to Circuits and IoT. The introduction of SITCore SC13048 created a powerful base for a new breed of BrainPad products capable of utilizing all its great features, including C# and Python.
So yeah, the April Fool’s joke was no joke after all!

The EcoSystem

BrainPad Pulse and BrainPad Tick are two new boards using SITCore SC13048, making them both more capable than other educational products we see today.

These boards, together with a range of accessories, help in covering multiple topics in fun and engaging ways.

All-in-one solution for learning how to code robots, games, and circuits, anywhere and any skill level! 

Age is just a number

Get yourself a robot and show your kids (or grandkids) how coding can make it dance! After all, most engineers and developers are kids at heart who love playing with technology.