TinyCLR OS 2.1 RC 2

Today’s release is all about commercial quality improvements. But like always, we have managed to sneak in new features, like SPI SD drivers, Native NeoPixel, SQLite, and C# 9 Support.

Managed File System

This new driver library includes SPI SD drivers and full FAT implementation. The user only needs to provide the desired SPI Controller. This brings SPI SD option to all devices and also brings FAT option to SITCore SC13xxx.

Native Neopixel Driver

Neopixels have always had drivers that worked through SignalGenerator feature. This required a lot of RAM when using LED matrixes. The new driver is built and tweaked from the ground up to be lean and accurate.

SQLite Improvements

SQLIte now support multi-row INSERT and WHERE clause terms that use the BETWEEN operator. It was also improved to work better in busy systems and multithreaded uses.

C# 9 Support

We are staring to experiment with C# 9 compiler, and everything seems to work as expected. There are new TinyCLR templates for those wanting to give C# 9 a go! One of the cool features in C# 9 is top-level-statements that is very useful for educators and learners.