DUE is Dynamic Universal and Extensible language that now lives inside TinyCLR. Devices can now load/compile/execute scripts at runtime. Don’t worry, you will not need to learn a new language! DUE is user friendly, and we really mean it. It accepts code written in BASIC-style, C and Java-style and even Python-style.

Let us show you how easy!

You can code/script in C-style…

…or code/script in BASIC-style…

…or maybe you like Python!

It is Extensible!

DUE lets you add your own functions within DUE. Let us assume you want to give your customer a way to script your product to send CAN messages. You can easily add CANSend functionality to your user, so they can just call CANSend from within their script in DUE.

We can go on and on showing off the power of DUE or you can try it for yourself. Enjoy and let us know what you think on the new forum section dedicated to DUE.