We’ve added even more new feature in the latest release (see below). Not only that, the release candidate (RC) is right around the corner!

Non-Blocking Network Support

Secure networking is one of the main features of TinyCLR OS. It has proven itself to be solid and secure, but we decided to give it more love in this release. All send and receive functions are now non-blocking allowing the system to run freely while transferring network data. Same networking, same security, but better and non-blocking!

SAS Azure

We’ve simplified the SAS string creation process required for Azure, by implementing it directly inside TinyCLR OS. Connecting to Azure IoT hub is now even easier. 


VNC viewer allows developers to remotely view and control SITCore hardware from a pc, phone or tablet.


Some modern browsers, like Chrome and Edge, include a way to give access to the USB from the web content. TinyCLR’s CDC and WinUSB libraries today include the necessary descriptors to enable WebUSB.


Joystick support has been added to the USB Host Library. Users can now add joystick control to their SITCore hardware.