Our friends at Mikro Elektronika have been growing the Click module family quite rapidly. There are over 1,000 modules available and the list is growing almost daily! Many of our SITCore boards include the MikroBUS socket, giving you a long list of available plug-and-play modules.

As for software, we have been adding a samples and drivers for a lot of Click modules and we are welcoming community contributions as well. The Click samples/drivers are found under Accessories.

FEZ Stick

When it came to adding a low-cost tiny-board to our Single Board Computer category, we cheated! We did the same thing we did when we worked with BeagleBoard.org on making the PocketBeagle. Instead of adding female headers, we only used pads that are mapped to match the MikroBUS sockets. Even better, two click boards can be added back to back.

So now you have multiple options on what to use. You can simply just use FEZ Stick on a breadboard.

Or you can add a female header with pins long enough to plug into a breadboard while providing MikroBUS sockets on top.