GHI Electronics adheres to the lean manufacturing principles. A production theory that emphasizes the elimination of waste in all forms. Our focus is to provide exceptional service and to reduce costs to our customers. We use lean manufacturing striving to reduce defects eliminating the added cost of reworking parts and components with an increase in quality.

Prototype Production

Our state-of-the-art solder paste jet printer eliminates the need for stencils. We are capable of completing the assembly on the same day. We also stock hundreds of generic components. This means most of the parts going on the prototype come directly from stock. Only a few specialized components may need to be obtained.

Volume Production

We have the ability to produce units at high-volume. This is achieved with machines that use multiple pick-up heads to place thousands of components efficiently. We also use state-of-the-art vision systems and experienced staff to ensure superior quality.

Beyond the PCB

Testing, packaging, distribution, wiring, through-hole placement, extreme temperature qualification and many other services are offered as well.

Quality Manufacturing

Jet Printers

Our Jet printers allow you to skip the stencil and achieve superior dot consistency, accurate solder paste volumes, optimized and controlled for each solder joint. With 3G acceleration and speeds of more than one million dots per hour, the completely non-contact jetting nozzle achieves micrometer accuracy at maximum speeds.

The built-in vision system adds yet another layer of quality assurance, catching and fixing errors before any components make it onto the board.

Pick and Place

Multi line assembly with output capacity of up to 42,000 CPH per IPC 8950, superior + / - 50 microns at 3 sigma (chip), Linescan cameras for quality assurance and multiple heads with multiple pickup nozzles.

Convection Solder Reflow Oven

16 Heated Zonez (8 top and 8 bottom), 350ºC Maximum Temperature , forced Impingement Convection, smart Product Tracking (SMEMA) and superior cooling performance.

Selective Soldering System

Modern process visualization with ERSASOFT 5, use of Mini-Vario-Wave, Mini-Dip and area nozzle, drop-Jet Fluxer with integrated monitoring, highest positioning accuracy and process and all-over heating IR preheating lower/upper.

Temperature Chamber

Automatic CO2 or LN2 cooling boost system, NIST Calibration, Temperature Range -75°C to 200°C with temperature Control ± 1.0°C after stabilization.

Laser Cutter/Engraver

Our laser machines are equipped with both a CO₂ and a fiber laser and are capable of cutting 29in X 17in. The two laser sources are activated alternately, allowing us to perform endless applications in one process step. 12-120 Watts