Secure Core

SCore is low-power subset of SITCore (Secure IoT Core), allowing users to build small and low cost devices quickly, thanks to TinyCLR OS. Deploy and debug right from Microsoft Visual Studio in a modern .NET C# programing environment.

SITCore vs SCore

Just like SITCore, SCore benefits from the all the great features found in TinyCLR OS, It support all security features, like secure in-field update but it excludes networking and SQLite.

CPU Speed480Mhz80Mhz
Max power draw??????
CryptoXTEA/CRC only
GraphicsComplete minus JPEG
SQLite Database
what else?

Single Board Computers

Fast and Easy (FEZ) way to get started and build low-volume production.

Development Boards

The development boards are an excellent way to evaluate TinyCLR OS, create prototypes, or produce small production runs of products.


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