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BrainPad is a coding micro-computer for education that is power by SITCore. The ease of use of SITCore chipset allowed the BrainPad to take coding in education to the next level.

  • SITCore SC13048 Core.
  • .NET C# through TinyCLR OS.
  • Python through MicroPython.
  • Lesson Plans.

Board Options

With the same core SITCore chipset at heart, both BrainPad Pulse and BrainPad Tick are well capable. They share many similarities that make for an easy transition from one board to another.

Accessory Options

BrainPad can do much on its own. The plug-and-play accessories will takes the user to a whole new level.

Lessons and More!

Visit the BrainPad website to see how STEM and coding in education can impact individuals and communities.


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