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Powering The Board

Last modified January 2, 2015


The USB Client SP, USB Client DP, USB Client EDP, and USB Serial SP modules let you power up your Gadgeteer Mainboard. It also lets your PC communicate to the Gadgeteer mainboard (for example, to allow you to deploy new applications and to debug those applications) as well as allowing your Gadgeteer mainboard to communicate to the PC (for example, to send data to the PC).

The USB Client SP Module is a "Single Power" source, meaning that it is capable of supplying power to the mainboard via one "single" powersource, which is from the USB connection.

The DP Modules are, as you can probably guess, "Dual Power" modules and can supply power from two sources, the USB connection as well as a separate dedicated power connection via the 2.1mm barrel connector. 

Any USB Client Module will always be a "Red" module, that symbolises that this is a Power module. Only one Power module can be connected to a mainboard at a time, otherwise damage to the mainboard, connected devices, and potentially the power sources (ie your PC) may occur.

Only the USB Client SP, USB Client DP, and USB Client EDP can be used to debug and deploy over USB. If you use the USB Serial SP module, you must deploy and debug over serial.


Only ONE (1) Red Module can be connected to a mainboard at a time. In the case of a Red mainboard, the mainboard is considered your one (1) Red Module, so do not connect another Red module to it.

Connecting the Module

The #1 rule to remember when connecting your USB Client SP Module to your mainboard is that you must NOT connect other modules *after* the power module is connected and powering your device. Our suggestion is to always leave your USB cable disconnected, connect up your modules in whatever order you like, then connect the USB cable to the SP module.


USB Client DP

This module provides 3.3V and 5V which is needed to run a mainboard. It includes the circuitry needed to run off 7V-30V power input or to run off USB power. Connecting both, USB and input power, simultaneously is safe.

In case of overheating or over current, the module will automatically shut itself down. The on-board LED may turn off but, most likely, it will blink as the protection circuit is repeatedly trying to turn power on.

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