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FEZ Cerberus and FEZ Cerb40, small low-cost open source .NET Gadgeteer mainboards.

GHI Electronics is introducing a low-cost .NET Gadgeteer mainboard called FEZ Cerberus for $29.95. At the core, it hosts STM32F4 Cortex-M4 DSP 32-bit processor running at 168Mhz. This 100% open source and full-featured addition to the FEZ family allows for cost effective prototyping and eliminates the need for using low-end 8-bit development boards. Thanks to .NET Micro Framework (NETMF), full networking and complete file system support is part of the system. The mainboard can be programmed using C# or VisualBasic with complete debugging capabilities over a USB cable.

Engineering Manager Joe Issa believes open source is helping many developers achieve their goals in less time. He thanks Microsoft for the NETMF sources and Oberon Microsystems for contributing STM32F1 processor support. This gave GHI Electronics a head start in porting NETMF to STM32F4.

The 8 Gadgeteer sockets on FEZ Cerberus are packed with functionalities. "FEZ Cerberus is small and compact yet has many inputs and outputs to control a magnitude of different applications, especially in robotics and home automation," says Aron Phillips, NETMF Porting Lead, OSH Division.

FEZ Cerberus is also offered in a kit aimed at jump-starting users. This kit can be extended through the numerous available modules on the market.

GHI Electronics didn't stop at low-cost, we took the cost even lower. FEZ Cerb40 is a $24.95 NETMF board. Smaller than a stick of gum, FEZ Cerb40 uses the same processor and firmware as FEZ Cerberus but instead of exposing sockets, it exposes the processor pins in a DIP40 format. Non-Gadgeteer and Gadgeteer users alike will enjoy this board.

"We believe in Open Source Hardware and we are proud to have FEZ Cerberus and FEZ Cerb40 open," says Founder and CEO Gus Issa. This allows our and the open source communities to contribute to the firmware. It also opens doors for non-NETMF and non-Gadgeteer users to benefit from these powerful boards, thanks to the available JTAG pins.

FEZ Cerberus and FEZ Cerb40 are both in stock and available for sale. Please visit GHI Electronics catalog for .NET Gadgeteer at
Niiiice Cheesy
Woohoo. I wanted a Gadgeteer to play with, but $80/$100 was far too much to justify.

These bring into range.

These FEZ/GHI guys are great!
My original reaction doesn't even cover it.

Love that it's NETMF 4.2 and that cost is so low I can throw a few at my kids so they can program with something powerful. Cheesy

This really is amazing guys; well done and keep it coming!
So is the Cerb40 what GHI ended up doing with the FEZ Ant design? From the images posted so far it looks that way.
GHI ended up doing with the FEZ Ant design

It is so much better than Ant. More powerful and OSHW.
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Simply awsome!! Last year at Embedded World I talked to Gus that it would be great to have a FEZ running on one of those cheap Cortex cores and here we are:) Great work GHI!
@architect - definitely! i've got a project waiting for this board!

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