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  • SeeedOLED Gadgeteer by Sprigo

    This has been kicking around on my harddrive for a while now so I decided to bite the bullet and put it on codeshare. The Zipfile contains the module driver for the SeeedOLED display and a compiled installer version of the driver for 4.3 I really …
  • Output port sequence player by JSimoes

    This is a helper class that ‘plays’ a sequence on an OutputPort. This is mostly useful, for example, to blink a LED with the status of a device. It’s very simple to use it because it shows as an extension to an OutputPort. The sequence is …
  • Gadgeteer and Motors Part 3 - PID Controllers by Duke Nukem

    A PID is a commonly used controller that can be used in a large number of situations as it doesn't require knowledge about what it is controlling but only current operating conditions. So for example in this project I use a PID Controller to maintain a …
  • OctoDriver by Darko

    OctoDriver is a standalone wireless enabled 8 channel high power LED driver. With G120 .NET Micro Framework SMT SoM with premium extended library It has 8x 12A PWM enabled power mosfets for driving 12V devices Dual auto-switching power via USB …
  • SimpleTemperature by iamin

    Temperature sensor module for Gadgeteer. This module uses MCP9808 sensor, which provides maximum accuracy of ±0.5°C when measuring from -20 to 100°C. Module communicates with mainboard using either hardware or software I2C bus. Up to eight modules can …
  • Add Power by charlieHustle

    Add-Power allows you to add power sources to your Gadgeteer project. For example, connect a DP module, a Li-Pol battery and solar panel to Add-Power, then connect Add-Power to your Gadgeteer mainboard. Add power will automatically switch between …

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  • Today we'd like to highlight kirklynk's Fez Raptilean Weather project. This project shows just how powerful the .net …
  • Today we'd like to highlight Jeff's efforts to show a two-node CAN system. Knowing very little about CAN, he mimicked a …
  • Today we'd like to highlight Jason's efforts to encourage kids to code. Using his 25 years of coding experience, he …

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