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  • GHI Electronics

    Cerberus - Sending an extended CAN message using Register Class by GHI Electronics

    Since the SDK still has a bug about sending an extended CAN message, while waiting for the fix in next release, we tried to use Register class to resolve this problem. Modify to improve this workaround is always welcome.
  • mBuino MQTT Client with ENC28J60 ethernet by skeller

    This is just a quick test of what the mBuino can do. I set out to see if it could handle the ENC28 and TCP/IP. Apparently it can. It uses 27.8kB or the 32kB but it works. This is a modification of an already existing project from Zoltan Hudak, …
  • Nextion.NET by jernejk

    This is fully managed plain NET Micro Framework library for Nextion displays. Demo project contains test cases for most of supported functionalities. Before you can use Demo project you need to upload Demo.HMI from HMI folder to your Nextion device using …
  • OctoDriver by Darko

    OctoDriver is a standalone wireless enabled 8 channel high power LED driver. With G120 .NET Micro Framework SMT SoM with premium extended library It has 8x 12A PWM enabled power mosfets for driving 12V devices Dual auto-switching power via USB …
  • SimpleTemperature by iamin

    Temperature sensor module for Gadgeteer. This module uses MCP9808 sensor, which provides maximum accuracy of ±0.5°C when measuring from -20 to 100°C. Module communicates with mainboard using either hardware or software I2C bus. Up to eight modules can …
  • Add Power by charlieHustle

    Add-Power allows you to add power sources to your Gadgeteer project. For example, connect a DP module, a Li-Pol battery and solar panel to Add-Power, then connect Add-Power to your Gadgeteer mainboard. Add power will automatically switch between …

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  • Today we'd like to highlight kirklynk's Fez Raptilean Weather project. This project shows just how powerful the .net …
  • Today we'd like to highlight Jeff's efforts to show a two-node CAN system. Knowing very little about CAN, he mimicked a …
  • Today we'd like to highlight Jason's efforts to encourage kids to code. Using his 25 years of coding experience, he …

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