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  • Azure Mobile Client for Serial Wifi (ESP8266) by mcalsyn

    I have adapted some pieces of the uCloudy lib by ppatierno to be compatible with the Http components in our serial wifi stack so that we can bring Azure Mobile Services access to the users of serial wifi (ESP8266). To use this, you can install the …
  • Generic ESP8266 and network support libraries by mcalsyn

    I have pushed a family of support libraries for the ESP8266 up to nuget. If you have a generic ESP8266 with recent firmware, you can add this nuget package to your project : IngenuityMicro.Hardware.ESP8266 If you have an Oxygen processor board with …
  • MicroServer - MVC HTTP, DHCP, DNS, SNTP Server by sytak

    MicroServer is a modular server that includes the following features hosted on GitHub at: https://github.com/microcompiler/microserver HTTP Web Service (MVC style) * Regex Routing Module * Model Binding (coming soon) * Views with Token …
  • OctoDriver by Darko

    OctoDriver is a standalone wireless enabled 8 channel high power LED driver. With G120 .NET Micro Framework SMT SoM with premium extended library It has 8x 12A PWM enabled power mosfets for driving 12V devices Dual auto-switching power via USB …
  • SimpleTemperature by iamin

    Temperature sensor module for Gadgeteer. This module uses MCP9808 sensor, which provides maximum accuracy of ±0.5°C when measuring from -20 to 100°C. Module communicates with mainboard using either hardware or software I2C bus. Up to eight modules can …
  • Add Power by charlieHustle

    Add-Power allows you to add power sources to your Gadgeteer project. For example, connect a DP module, a Li-Pol battery and solar panel to Add-Power, then connect Add-Power to your Gadgeteer mainboard. Add power will automatically switch between …

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G120 does no more respond over USB Archive John 1 hr, 26 mins ago
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Glide Keyboard not working after first use. General Discussion John 1 hr, 28 mins ago
Cellular driver NOT stable Archive BigFoot 3 hrs, 41 mins ago
Microsoft partnership with Arduino Windows 10 mcalsyn 4 hrs, 45 mins ago
Containerization Windows 10 mcalsyn 5 hrs, 3 mins ago
OMG I did it Off Topic Simon from Vilnius 6 hrs, 5 mins ago
Making sense? .NET Micro Framework mcalsyn 7 hrs, 27 mins ago
Farewell loved ones Off Topic Pete Brown 9 hrs, 31 mins ago
Is it possible .NET Gadgeteer ransomhall 10 hrs, 33 mins ago
Future of Skewworks Off Topic iamin 11 hrs, 2 mins ago
Last Northern Hemisphere post... Off Topic Brett 13 hrs, 33 mins ago

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