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  • Nuget package for IngenuityMicro Silicon Flash Memory by mcalsyn

    This package can be used to access flash storage on the IngenuityMicro "Silicon" Flash Storage Module. It will also work for other flash storage based on the FL164KIF01 8Mb SPI flash storage chip. The nuget package includes the TinyFileSystem for …
  • SeeedOLED Gadgeteer by Sprigo

    This has been kicking around on my harddrive for a while now so I decided to bite the bullet and put it on codeshare. The Zipfile contains the module driver for the SeeedOLED display and a compiled installer version of the driver for 4.3 I really …
  • Output port sequence player by JSimoes

    This is a helper class that ‘plays’ a sequence on an OutputPort. This is mostly useful, for example, to blink a LED with the status of a device. It’s very simple to use it because it shows as an extension to an OutputPort. The sequence is …
  • OctoDriver by Darko

    OctoDriver is a standalone wireless enabled 8 channel high power LED driver. With G120 .NET Micro Framework SMT SoM with premium extended library It has 8x 12A PWM enabled power mosfets for driving 12V devices Dual auto-switching power via USB …
  • SimpleTemperature by iamin

    Temperature sensor module for Gadgeteer. This module uses MCP9808 sensor, which provides maximum accuracy of ±0.5°C when measuring from -20 to 100°C. Module communicates with mainboard using either hardware or software I2C bus. Up to eight modules can …
  • Add Power by charlieHustle

    Add-Power allows you to add power sources to your Gadgeteer project. For example, connect a DP module, a Li-Pol battery and solar panel to Add-Power, then connect Add-Power to your Gadgeteer mainboard. Add power will automatically switch between …

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  • Today we'd like to highlight kirklynk's Fez Raptilean Weather project. This project shows just how powerful the .net …
  • Today we'd like to highlight Jeff's efforts to show a two-node CAN system. Knowing very little about CAN, he mimicked a …
  • Today we'd like to highlight Jason's efforts to encourage kids to code. Using his 25 years of coding experience, he …

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Issues with the Read fonction File-System Hardware Dat 46 mins, 14 secs ago
Sujestion : Solar Cerb40 with slot to plug radio module General Discussion ianlee74 1 hr, 7 mins ago
there is a way to ignore touch events? .NET Gadgeteer fez27 5 hrs, 14 mins ago
Cannot find any entrypoint! .NET Micro Framework mcalsyn 5 hrs, 45 mins ago
Snippet - Nuget package for IngenuityMicro Silicon Flash Memory Codeshare and Creations mcalsyn 5 hrs, 49 mins ago
The FEZ HAT...The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Topping! News Brett 6 hrs, 31 mins ago
Hows the water? Win10 as a development host. Windows 10 Justin 9 hrs, 5 mins ago
New Disco429 v4.3.1 Build .NET Micro Framework Justin 9 hrs, 7 mins ago
So Alljoyn will run on Thread which runs on 802.15.4 which Zigbee is based on. General Discussion mcalsyn 13 hrs, 6 mins ago
A Peek Into Our Engineering GHI Insider hagster 22 hrs, 55 mins ago
How to find this transformer? Off Topic Jay Jay 23 hrs, 40 mins ago
GHI SDK 2015 R1 pre release 2 issue .NET Micro Framework Dat 1 day, 17 mins ago
Credit where credit is due. Off Topic Gary 1 day, 1 hr ago
ASP dot NET Webhosting Off Topic godefroi 1 day, 2 hrs ago
Wifi RS21 doesn't initialize .NET Gadgeteer rumkuhgel 1 day, 2 hrs ago
Help - WifiRS21 and FEZ Raptor Archive Mike 1 day, 3 hrs ago
How to ship two coin cell batteries. Off Topic ianlee74 1 day, 3 hrs ago

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