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OBD II Module

Part # OBDII-GM-365

This module will allow you to communicate with a vehicle that supports OBDII. With this module, you can read statistics from your car such as RPM, Vehicle Speed, Fuel Type/Level and much more.
  • Socket: U
  • Size: 47mm x 39mm
  • Weight: 200g 
  • 3.3V  Consumption : 7mA
  • 5V Consumption: 0mA
  • Includes one Gadgeteer cable
Required Socket Type U
5V Tolerant
Power Consumption 7 @ 3.3 V, 0 @ 5 V mA
Dimensions 47 x 39 mm
Weight 200 g
Resource Description
Developers' Guide
  • Upgrading your car with some high tech gear

    This is an award winner tutorial on how to upgrade your car with .NET Micro Framework (NETMF) and Gadgeteer. Truth to be told... I failed my driver license. I dont own a car, and I dont like cars... But while the Fez Spider I bought for a project long time ago were gathering dust, Robin … read more

    OBD II Module provides a standard vehicle interface