Extender Module
Extender Module
Part # XTNDR-GM-273
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  • Extender Module
  • Extender Module
  • Extender Module

Need a really long cable? Use this extender to connect 2 cables. The Extender Module also exposes all signals allowing for signal tracing or for inserting a module into a breadboard. If used with breadboard, a 0.1" header (not included) needs to be soldered on the module.

  • Socket: Any
  • Size: 29mm x 27mm
  • Weight: 5g 
  • 3.3V  Consumption : 0mA
  • 5V Consumption: 0mA
  • Includes one Gadgeteer cable
Required Socket TypeGadgeteering socket type that is required on the host device Any
5V TolerantThis module can tolerate a 5V signal from the Host device.
Power ConsumptionConsumption during Active / Idle / Sleep states. 0 @ 3.3 V, 0 @ 5 V mA
DimensionsMeasurements in millimeters. 28.5 x 27 x 7.25 mm
Weight 5 g
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