FEZ Panda II
FEZ Panda II
Part # PNDA2-GB-256
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  • FEZ Panda II

[-]   Overview

Available through special order only.

The 72Mhz FEZ Panda II runs .NET Micro Framework, allowing users to program and debug FEZ Panda using Microsoft's free Visual C# Express. Applications are loaded over USB cable (or serial) with full featured debugging capabilities, such as stepping in code or inspecting variables.

Key Features:

  • Based on NXP's LPC2387 micro-controller with GHI's commercial USBizi firmware/software package.
    • 72MHz. 32-bit ARM7 processor.
    • 512 KB Flash (148KB for user application) .
    • 96 KB RAM (62KB for user application).
  • Compatible with most Arduino shields.
  • USB device connection for run-time debugging.
  • Specialized libraries to configure USB port to emulate devices like thumb-drive, virtual COM (CDC), mouse, keyboard.
  • USB Debugging and Virtual COM (CDC) can work simultaneously.
  • USB Host support with modifications.
  • Built-in Micro SD card socket (4-bit high speed SDHC support, no 2GB limit) with card detect signal.
  • 54x Digital I/O ports.
  • 6x 10-bit analog Inputs.
  • 10-bit analog output (with audio WAV playback).
  • 6x Hardware PWM channels.
  • 2x CAN channels.
  • Battery backup RAM 2KB.
  • Configurable on-board LED and button.
  • 4x UART serial ports (one with hardware handshaking capability).
  • OneWire interface (available on any IO).
  • Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) with the suitable crystal.
  • Processor register access.
  • OutputCompare for generating waveforms with high accuracy.
  • RLP allowing users to load native code (C/Assembly) for real-time requirements.
  • Ethernet support through W5100 chipset with full TCP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP and DNS support . Ethernet throughput is 400Kbps. Perfect Match for FEZ Connect shield.
  • Extended double-precision math class.
  • Parallel Port (ideal for color displays).
  • JTAG is exposed (available only when firmware is erased).
  • Multi-Threading.
  • XML.
  • FAT File System.
  • USB host support.
  • Cryptography (AES and XTEA).
  • Low power and hibernate support.
  • In-field update (from SD, network or other).


  • Through USB port or an external DC 6-9V power supply (connecting both is safe).
  • 3.3V regulated DC output is available.
  • 5.0V regulated DC output is available
  • Digital I/O are 3.3V but 5V tolerant.
  • Low power and hibernate modes.
  • Active power consumption 103 mA.
  • Idle power consumption 65 mA.
  • Hibernate power consumption 3.75mA.


  • RoHS compliant /Lead-free compliant.
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 65°C.
[-]   Specifications
Processor 72 Mhz 32-bit ARM7
User Available FlashTotal Flash memory available for user applications 148 KB
User Available RAMTotal RAM memory available for user applications 62 KB
GPIOGeneral Purpose Input/Output 54
PWMPulse-Width Modulation 6
Analog In 6
UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter 4
SPISerial Peripheral Interface 2
I2CInter-Integrated Circuit Yes
Networking Requires WIZnet W5100
CANController Area Network 2
Analog Out 1
USB Client Extended
USB Host Yes
1-Wire Yes
Real Time Clock Yes
In-Field Update Application
Supported Image Type No
Memory CardsIncludes 4-bit Secure Digital (SD), Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) and Multi-Media Card (MMC) support. Yes
Power ConsumptionConsumption during Active / Idle / Sleep states. 103 / 65 / 6 mA
Operating Temp. -40° to +85°
DimensionsMeasurements in millimeters. 53 x 81 x 12
Weight 28 g
RLPLibrary functions that provide ability to add native C/Assembly code to .Net Micro Framework applications. Premium RLP
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