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Our forums welcome thousands of members from around the world. Like you, they love to share their passion for software and hardware. Our engineers are a common sight in the community and are happy to provide a helping hand whenever possible.

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TechTalk Video Series

Weekly videos that discuss things related to technology and GHI Electronics. Not only do we talk all things technology but we also conduct interviews with community members and let them show-off what they have built or designed!

Have an idea for a TechTalk ? Please visit the forum and let us know.

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TinyCLR OS is an embedded operating system created by GHI Electronics that is not only totally awesome but we are also accepting community contributions!

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The BrainPad

The BrainPad is a multi-year project initiated by GHI Electronics to bring an economical STEM and STEAM solution that fits both the students’ and teachers’ needs at all levels. The goal is simple, one tool for every student, at every level.

We have reached hundreds of students of all ages and skill levels through partnering with companies like Microsoft and Eastman Chemical along with schools and community organizations like Roseville High School and The Boys and Girls Club.

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