Introducing TinyCLR OS: a new path for our NETMF devices

As you may already know, we recently announced our renewed commitment to Microsoft’s .NET Micro Framework (NETMF). Our team is pouring their passion into what they think NETMF should be. Sadly, NETMF is no longer actively maintained by Microsoft. Thankfully though, NETMF’s entire source code was released under the Apache 2 license. Due to the breaking changes, trademarks, and copyrights, we are renaming our evolution of NETMF to the TinyCLR Operating System.

GHI Electronics’s TinyCLR OS carries all of the improvements found in NETMF 4.4 and forges a new path. For developers, all you need to use TinyCLR OS is a small Visual Studio extension. That is really it! Note that NETMF can still be used side-by-side TinyCLR OS. On the device, you have a choice of loading your device with the NETMF firmware or the new TinyCLR OS firmware.

TinyCLR OS is made for .NET developers. Threading, memory management, timers, even handlers, and everything else you had in NETMF still exists in TinyCLR. As far as the hardware access extensions, TinyCLR OS has a similar API to the Windows 10 IoT Core Extensions API. For example, controlling a pin on a Raspberry PI running Windows 10 is very similar to how pins are now controlled on a FEZ Panda III.

All libraries are downloaded through NuGet. Because of this, there will be no SDK to install or machines to lock to specific versions. Simply use NuGet to download any needed version of any needed library on a per-project basis.

We invite you to try the TinyCLR OS preview today. Again, this is an early preview only but we welcome any feedback. Remember, you do not need to make any changes to your NETMF installation. This preview includes G30 and G80.

As always, we want to make things very easy for you and so today’s Tech Talk is an intro to TinyCLR OS:


TinyCLR OS 0.1.0 preview

TinyCLR Notes